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Co-presenter Responsibilities

Co-presenter/Panelist Responsibilities

As a CAMEX session co-presenter or panelist, you are responsible for preparing and presenting segments of your session as assigned to you by your lead presenter/moderator/panel chair.

Prior to the session
The most important aspect of your assignment is the presentation, of course. But the presentation is only as good as the preparation and the communication between you, your fellow presenters/panelists, the moderator or lead presenter, and the CAMEX Program Committee via NACS Professional Development.

Before CAMEX and your session you will need to:
  • Ensure all necessary presenter information is sent to NACS, if the moderator has not done so.
  • Send all audio/visual and room setup needs to NACS, if the moderator has not done so.
  • Complete the Presenter Copyright Permission Authorization Form and return to NACS, so we may capture the audio of your session (if applicable) and post session handouts.
If for any reason you find you cannot participate in the session, please notify your moderator and NACS Professional Development as soon as possible.

On-site responsibilities

You should arrive on-site in time to:
  • Have at least 15 minutes to prepare before the start of your session.
  • Check the location of your session room.
  • Stay within the limitations of the time allotted to you.
  • Listen carefully to any questions posed by the audience, and answer them as briefly and concisely as possible.
  • Crank up energy and enthusiasm for your session.