Event: March 3-7 | Trade Show: March 5-7 | Salt Lake City, UT | Produced and Hosted by the National Association of College Stores

NACS Staff Responsibilities

NACS Staff Responsibilities for All Sessions

Throughout the planning process and during the actual session, you can contact NACS Professional Development for information and support. The CAMEX Program Committee and NACS Professional Development will make every effort to ensure quality.

A staff member will make sure that everything you have indicated a need for during your session will be present on-site. In every session, a session host will be present to make sure identification signage is correct, room setup and audio/visual aids are as specified, and attendees are in the proper session.

Planning the session

Prior to CAMEX, you will work closely with NACS Professional Development. NACS will:
  • Communicate frequently with you regarding deadlines, session requirements, handouts, etc.
  • Serve as a source of information, advice, and clarification.
  • Promote CAMEX to members of the industry, through preview programs, promotional newsletters, news releases, and final programs.

During CAMEX

The on-site staff from NACS is responsible for:
  • Ensuring room and audio/visual equipment is set up as specified.
  • Troubleshooting any potential issues.
  • Assisting program presenters whenever possible.


After CAMEX, the NACS staff will:
  • Tabulate the session evaluations and communicate results to members of each session team, along with a note of thanks.
  • Submit a complete report to the CAMEX Program Committee prior to their planning meetings for the next year.
  • Post additional handouts and other session materials to the CAMEX web site and CAMEX in The Hub for future reference by participants and other industry stakeholders.