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Preparing Handouts

Preparing Handouts

Handouts serve as a source of reference material—a review of the session at a later date. NACS will post all handouts to the CAMEX web site a few weeks prior to the event. Voluminous handout material is undesirable. Handouts can include:
  • An outline of your presentation.
  • Copies of projected material.
  • Charts, diagrams, and checklists.
  • A bibliography of related references.
  • A glossary of terms.
  • Articles from trade publications, journals, newspapers, popular magazines, etc.
  • The name of the preparer should appear, as well as the session for which they were made.
It is better to have a succinct, one-page summary of your primary points as a handout versus a printout of your PowerPoint presentation. Your PowerPoint show should be the "headlines" of your session points...not the detail. Your participants will need the details of "how do I do this" or "what steps do I follow" once they get home. Therefore, your slide show is NOT the best thing to use as a handout.

Develop your handout to clearly answer the questions like "What are the steps I should follow?" and/or "What are the most important things learned?" (from a case study presentation, for example) or create a worksheet handout that facilitates engaged note-taking and capturing of "take-aways."

To download the session handout template, right-click the link below and select an option similar to
“save target as” or “save link as.”

CAMEX 2017 Handout Template (Office 07)