Event: March 3-7 | Trade Show: March 5-7 | Salt Lake City, UT | Produced and Hosted by the National Association of College Stores

Presenter Guidelines

Presenter Guidelines

The following guidelines have been established by the CAMEX Educational Program Committee to ensure that all presenters understand the basic expectations NACS has for them and their presentations at this year's conference. Please read the following information and contact Julie Lorence, Manager of Learning Experiences at jlorence@nacs.org or (800) 622-7498, ext. 2275 with any questions.

Primary Presenter

The Primary Presenter on the session proposal form is responsible for sharing all relevant information and communications from NACS with any co-presenters. NACS will communicate with all presenters so long as an e-mail address is provided. However, the Primary Presenter is expected to coordinate communications and other logistics with all additional presenters for their session.


Presentations must be targeted to the participants of CAMEX educational sessions. According to the 2016 CAMEX Participant Surveys, the primary demographics are: 64.4% Institutionally Owned stores, 49.2% with Approximate Annual Sales less than $3M, 42.5% Store Manager/Director, 65.4% Female, 55.3% between the age of 36-55, 61.7% with nine (9) or more years of experience in the profession.

Promotional Text

Presentation promotional text must convey the intended learning outcomes (or what the participant will learn during the program) AND the experience level of the presentation relative to the topic (threshold, intermediate, or advanced). View descriptions of the levels of experience and examples of these levels relative to industry topics.

All sessions should provide a handout

All sessions should provide a handout or other learning tool for each participant. PLEASE NOTE: It is better to have a succinct, one-page summary of your primary points as a handout versus a printout of your PowerPoint presentation. Your PowerPoint show should be the "headlines" of your session points…not the detail. Your participants will need the details of "how do I do this" or "what steps do I follow" once they get home. Therefore, your slide show is NOT the best thing to send them home with.

Reduced-paper Event

CAMEX is a reduced-paper event and handouts will be posted online PRIOR to the event for participants to download. The due date for handouts will be communicated at a later date.

NACS College Store Competency Model

If presenters are unfamiliar with the NACS College Store Competency Model and related concepts, there is complete information online at www.nacs.org/yourcareer.

Needs of adult learners

Presenters and presentations should address the following needs of adult learners:
  • Let participants direct their own learning (i.e., outline your session and ask for comments to determine areas to focus upon or cover more quickly)
  • Engage the participants (i.e., ask questions, poll the audience)
  • Use the participants' existing knowledge (i.e., ask for effective practices)
  • Make sure your session has immediate utility (that is, what will they take away and be able to implement as soon as they return home?)