Event: March 3-7 | Trade Show: March 5-7 | Salt Lake City, UT | Produced and Hosted by the National Association of College Stores

Presenter Responsibilities

Presenter Responsibilities

The moderator (or panel chair) of each CAMEX session is responsible for achieving the excellence of the session, and for communicating with all panelists in his/her session. The moderator is also responsible for communicating to the CAMEX Program Committee, through NACS Professional Development, the status and needs of the session and/or panelists.

Presenter Responsibilities

As a lead presenter or moderator of the session, you are responsible for:
  • Meeting the deadlines communicated by NACS Staff for submitting/reviewing session information.
  • Coordinating with co-presenters or panelists initially and then communicating with them prior to the meeting.
  • Ensuring co-presenters or panelists are familiar with their responsibilities.
  • Returning any session information required by NACS for each presenter in the session.
  • Determining the audio/visual and room setup needs of your session.
  • Preparing a brief, but appropriate, introduction of your session.
  • Completing and returning to NACS the Presenter Copyright Permission Authorization Form, so we may capture the audio/video of your session (if applicable) and post session handouts.
  • Checking with NACS before agreeing to pay a fee and/or expenses for any presenter.

On-site responsibilities

You and the other panelists should arrive on-site in time to:
  • Rehearse your session prior to your presentation time.
  • Meet the session host and communicate any changes in presenter or A/V needs.

During the session

You are in charge. It is up to you to ensure:
  • The introduction sets the tone for an enthusiastic, energetic session.
  • The audience is aware in which direction to move in case of fire.
  • The session presentations, activities, and Q&A each stay within their planned allotted session time.
  • The session is not allowed to run overtime.
  • The audience is reminded to fill out the evaluation survey.
  • Co-presenters or panelists are thanked for their contribution to the session.